Sunday, September 23

(My) Tales Of The City no.1

Cautiously I stepped away from the airport doors - having flown in alone to the city of dreams.

I knew why I was coming, I'd been told that there was only one place in the world for me. The people who had told me this were on a flight about an hour away, everyone returning by long-distance jetplane to the same exact airport. It's strange to think that millions of individuals have poured through the same doors I'd just crossed. Strange to think that I'm not the first, or the last to reach for a jacket and a smoke when that brisk bite of sea-flavored air hits me outside. Strange... to think that although we - the group - are in the same place, we, as individuals, will never experience this place quite the same way.

However, a bit of an introduction is probably in order, you see I didn't head to San Francisco alone. The three men upon who's experiences and knowledge I was relying upon to find my way in the city had all come into my life in the six-months prior. Two of them had taken me into their home, and the other - well - he had taken me quite a few places. This whole trip had come about in March, when I first moved in with the guys - I would do their yardwork in exchange for the trip and the chance to see the city they loved (and knew I would love also). I hadn't been to the West Coast since childhood and figured it would only be amazing to enjoy all the liberties of a fully-functioning adult. There was also the feeling, tugging from some deep recess in my mind, that I could never see all that life was capable of just treading water in the same old steel town I'd always known.

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Roger said...

Hey... nice blog. Luckily the URL I scribbled down on an old ticket stub (from that night at the Hawk) was legible. I was going to email you, but doesn't seem I can from anywhere on this blog so here I comment (rather than intrusively and unexpectedly IM you). So anyway, feel free to check mine out: Till we meet again.