Wednesday, May 23

If You Don't Eat Your Meat....

Meat, Incorporated.

The name says it all.

Welcome to my latest scatter-brained pursuit. Although I'm a pesco-vegetarian I've always been fascinated by the way our society consumes and fetishizes meat. I've also always been encouraged to explore alternatives to a wasteful and destructive diet in my own life. I'd like to share the delicious, nutritious meals that nourish me and my household - which I've arrived at through a study of living...

Trust me, these simple dishes will knock the socks off your dining companions. And I'm on a budget too, so don't think that the luxurious tastes on this blog are out of your reach. I usually limit my preparations to 1-or-2 pans, fats in the form of Olive Oil only, healthy amounts of 'lean' cheeses, and delicious herbs and spices that completely eliminate any added salt from almost everything that comes out of my kitchen. When possible I'll estimate nutrition information for my dishes, and try to include discussions on diet & health related topics with the professionals I've consulted through my 13 years of vegetarianism.

You - the reader have the ability to be an agent of change in the world, and to make conscious changes in your life. With these simple dishes I hope to inspire your curiosity - in the kitchen and elsewhere. I know that sounds pretty heavy, but you'd be surprised at the power of food.