Thursday, June 28

Weed works...

And so, I still have yet to introduce you to the fine tastes of my gourmet kitchen. While you're waiting, enjoy another witty (lame t-shirt ready) graphic, and perhaps a glimpse at a social phenomenon gaining traction in the US.

Of course, 90% of young people smoke pot, it's just a fact. In the faltering rust-belt it's practically impossible to find students whose tolerance for THC is anything below that of West Coast stoners. The simple fact that the majority of transactions and consumption happen indoors during the 9 months of frigid and snow covered winters in the northeast may shield those who partake both from public view, as well as each others eyes.

So I say, come out into the sunshine! If I pulled together all the disparate groups I've partaken with in the past two weeks I'd have enough votes to swing an election. So maybe a "coming-out' party is in order... on a very public stage.

Think about it, and while you think - read these articles that smell sweetly of a change in the air:

As always, enjoy life, live free, and use these graphics wherever you'd like, as long as you don't feed the corporate machine.

Wednesday, June 27

Work for a living...

I know, I know... I haven't been keeping up with this blog as promised. But no worries, the simple deliciousness of my vegetarian conquest will soon be unleashed upon the world. Trying to quantify my recipes - with a dash of this and a dash of that... has been harder than I imagined.

So today I thought I'd share with you, dear reader, my latest t-shirt design. I'm all for clever sayings on t-shirts... as long as they don't just serve as walking advertisements for the money-chugging conglomerates that pack suburban malls across the country.

That's where my "Sell Yourself Short" campaign comes in. America is on a horribly destructive path of self-delusion and the endless pursuit of inflationary greenbacks. This downward spiral of consumption has disastrous effects on families, communities and the natural environment. People these days are so blinded to humanity's beautiful abilities to care for one another, and to truly be 'stewards of the Earth' that they've left behind all rational thought in favor of and exuberant and mysterious "economy" that operates with no regard for the damage done in it's name. I'm at a loss for solutions... I have been for two years now.

After a string of thankless jobs, low-paying positions and anti-democratic workplaces I've come to the realization that my desire to conform to work-a-day rules and regulations covering everything from my hair style to the actual words allowed out of my mouth is far less than my desire to find a system that enhances the human condition - instead of crushing the soul.

Today's Alternet article on the disparity in pay between plumbers and child-care workers lays out many of the criticisms I may not have been able to put into words.

Why Do We Pay Our Plumbers More Than Our Caregivers?

Read the article, it's one small step towards realizing an economy that works for all - not just some fat-cat suits with cocaine habits to match their billion-dollar stock portfolios. Maybe you'll see why more and more productive, healthy, intelligent young people are fast becoming disillusioned by the command economy we live under.

Maybe we'll breed a new meme... The consummate care-giver. Someone who's worth is valued not in the number of zeros on their paycheck... but the number of lives they've touched.

One more thing... feel free to use the image in this post, the slogan in your life and the values presented in your day-to-day interactions. Free yourself, your ideas, your country.