Monday, September 15

Election-Fraud Scans

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Republican Party Snares Me in Nefarious Vote-Stealing Plot

And this time it's really no exaggeration. I recently registered to vote in my home county of Cuyahoga (Cleveland, OH), received confirmation, and even applied for an absentee ballot by mail. Today, however, the funniest thing arrives at my home. It's addressed to me, at my current address. Seems to be a flyer urging me to vote against taxes. It even includes absentee ballot applications, two of them! Luckily I've already applied for my absentee ballot, I used the official form mailed to me when my registration confirmation arrived. This pair of applications were helpfully provided to me by the Republican Part of Ohio - pre-addressed (although still requiring a stamp) to simply drop in the mail and send off to..... the County Board of Elections in Painesville, my parent's county where I first registered at age 18.

What follows are scans of the nearly two feet of paper urging me to vote by mail in the wrong district, please analyze...