Wednesday, October 24

10/24 - Dental Dam Awareness Day

You may not know it, but today has been declared National Dental Dam Awareness Day. Dental Dams, as you may or may not know, are useful for oral sex, STD Prevention, dentistry and looking like a complete fool.

Tuesday, October 23

A snapshot of childhood development...

Here we have the earliest stages of Chad Fox's whoredom, scrawled like ancient cave paintings on his parent's basement wall. This piece (enhanced with cartoon action for effect) used to be spray-painted all over Cleveland and Chad, being the little whipper-snapper he is, copied the design and graffiti imprint.

Chad and the Foxes...

Great times to be had all around when Chad Fox rolls into town. Cleveland is a better place because of people like him... or maybe I'm just in a better place because of people like him.


I will say that we've been having some good times down the street at his place, and he's even found some time in his busy schedule to come up to our beautiful tudor on the (respectable) side of the neighborhood.

In other news my friend John is staying here at the house while drama engulfs his previous domicile. He really likes the idea of selling foreclosed homes in our neighborhood to gay guys to fix up the neighborhood a bit. Although he wants to buy a house... which is just funny. You'd laugh if you knew the whole story, so I won't tell it to you.

Thursday, October 18 - Now Showing - All Ages

I'm currently turning the site in to a spiffy new Hessler Street Fair layout that I put together in my spare time... or is it, space time? I dunno, but the page isn't working correctly, and it's being designed by a committee, so my work will be picked apart by 4 people immediately, and then a group of 12 people once a month. Will it change drastically? I hope, the menu CSS isn't working or looking right, so everything's just simple. Like the person creating it all.

Wednesday, October 10

This is just kind of weird...

This website struck me as strange... I think I should make millions of these types of websites... I mean, I have all this free time right?

Tuesday, October 9

The (White People's) Heritage Foundation

Are you a junior or senior in college (or even an unaccredited institution like Liberty U.) and you just happen to hold dear the principles of right-wing ultra-conservative neo-nazi republicans? Then perhaps you should apply for the Heritage Foundation's internship program! You'll rub elbows with other up-and-coming conservative minds in our diverse Caucasian atmosphere!

With proper training and control, one day you may rise to our list of "experts" - leading the charge with their broad experiences in suburban living, white-people sciences and making things happen behind-closed-doors.

Apply today!

Wednesday, October 3

Oh yea? Well my friends are famous...

I just Googled my friend Chad Fox... and much to my surprise... He's a baseball star and never even told me!!!

HIV... A Response...

I wrote the above the night my best friend was diagnosed HIV positive. That was my one, immediate, freak-out level response. I've moved on to my second and third, namely changing my entire life and respecting myself and others enough to care about (and for) other people.

Walk With Team ORANGE

So I should probably say that while I'm not going to actually whore myself out for donations, there are many good reasons that I'm taking part. The first of which is that my new job at The AIDS Taskforce of Cleveland directly benefits from the funds I raise. The second is that The Free Medical Clinic of Cleveland also directly benefits... this is the place that regularly tests my slutty ass for HIV and more - for free, completely anonymously (which is usually how I'd describe my sexual encounters). The third is the fact that my best friend was recently diagnosed HIV-positive, my partner-in-crime for the past 5 years is suddenly facing an entire lifetime of treatment, of struggles and discrimination beyond what he was already facing as a gay man from Slavic Village in Cleveland (a life already too difficult for many I guarantee you).

So I guess you kind of know why I'm participating now... what's your reason not to?

Tuesday, October 2


Sometimes you feel like drowning. Other times you just keep swimming.

So I know it kind of defeats the purpose...

But I will make-out with you if you sponsor my AIDS Walk Team. Which technically doesn't defeat the purpose of the AIDS Walk... because HIV can't be transmitted through saliva. Anyhow, I'm getting pissed off at my "Team" of fellow AIDSWalkers... We're walking for AIDS because we all went to get our HIV tests together (after years of slutting around town separately) and one of us drew the short straw.

Ever since that fateful day when one-quarter of our group of testees came up positive things have been rolling along. For some reason I felt like it was the wake-up call I'd been waiting for. Granted, I'd already been awoken somewhat by my trip to San Francisco... seeing an entire city alive with the spirit to create things, to make things happen - that'd been all I needed to wake up from my apathetic slumber and start changing my life. But this, this test, these results, the fact that any one of the four of us had the exact same chance of coming up positive... We'd taken the risks, we'd lived the wild, anything-goes lives...

And now we're seeing the light. Seeing that being 'normal' doesn't mean settling down, or settling for less... It really means taking care of your body, taking care of your future, putting others ahead of your own gain while you can contribute to them. It means trusting that life will provide for you, if you are willing to put in the effort.

So, here's what I'm asking from you:
-$10, and the next time we meet in Cleveland, you'll get a kiss from these pillowly, HIV-negative lips.
-$50 and I'll let you do as you wish with my rock-hard stomach.

-Donate $100 and I'll model the cutest pair of skin-tight underwear I own, complete with a photo shoot for your eyes only.

-$150+ and the plans remain open... The sky's the limit baby - and your help in the endeavor will determine how hooker-y I'll be.

Seriously folks, this is important stuff for me, for Cleveland, for people living with HIV/AIDS and for everyone who is affected. And let me tell you, we're all affected.