Wednesday, October 3

HIV... A Response...

I wrote the above the night my best friend was diagnosed HIV positive. That was my one, immediate, freak-out level response. I've moved on to my second and third, namely changing my entire life and respecting myself and others enough to care about (and for) other people.

Walk With Team ORANGE

So I should probably say that while I'm not going to actually whore myself out for donations, there are many good reasons that I'm taking part. The first of which is that my new job at The AIDS Taskforce of Cleveland directly benefits from the funds I raise. The second is that The Free Medical Clinic of Cleveland also directly benefits... this is the place that regularly tests my slutty ass for HIV and more - for free, completely anonymously (which is usually how I'd describe my sexual encounters). The third is the fact that my best friend was recently diagnosed HIV-positive, my partner-in-crime for the past 5 years is suddenly facing an entire lifetime of treatment, of struggles and discrimination beyond what he was already facing as a gay man from Slavic Village in Cleveland (a life already too difficult for many I guarantee you).

So I guess you kind of know why I'm participating now... what's your reason not to?

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