Tuesday, October 2

So I know it kind of defeats the purpose...

But I will make-out with you if you sponsor my AIDS Walk Team. Which technically doesn't defeat the purpose of the AIDS Walk... because HIV can't be transmitted through saliva. Anyhow, I'm getting pissed off at my "Team" of fellow AIDSWalkers... We're walking for AIDS because we all went to get our HIV tests together (after years of slutting around town separately) and one of us drew the short straw.

Ever since that fateful day when one-quarter of our group of testees came up positive things have been rolling along. For some reason I felt like it was the wake-up call I'd been waiting for. Granted, I'd already been awoken somewhat by my trip to San Francisco... seeing an entire city alive with the spirit to create things, to make things happen - that'd been all I needed to wake up from my apathetic slumber and start changing my life. But this, this test, these results, the fact that any one of the four of us had the exact same chance of coming up positive... We'd taken the risks, we'd lived the wild, anything-goes lives...

And now we're seeing the light. Seeing that being 'normal' doesn't mean settling down, or settling for less... It really means taking care of your body, taking care of your future, putting others ahead of your own gain while you can contribute to them. It means trusting that life will provide for you, if you are willing to put in the effort.

So, here's what I'm asking from you:
-$10, and the next time we meet in Cleveland, you'll get a kiss from these pillowly, HIV-negative lips.
-$50 and I'll let you do as you wish with my rock-hard stomach.

-Donate $100 and I'll model the cutest pair of skin-tight underwear I own, complete with a photo shoot for your eyes only.

-$150+ and the plans remain open... The sky's the limit baby - and your help in the endeavor will determine how hooker-y I'll be.

Seriously folks, this is important stuff for me, for Cleveland, for people living with HIV/AIDS and for everyone who is affected. And let me tell you, we're all affected.


DanNation said...

Hey - I already donated. What do I get?

Meat, Incorporated. said...

Hahaha, well, I am planning a bit of a roadtrip out to SF shortly. I'm sure there'll be ample opportunity for some whoring :-)

stirring macaroni noise said...

mmm how much for bareback