Thursday, June 28

Weed works...

And so, I still have yet to introduce you to the fine tastes of my gourmet kitchen. While you're waiting, enjoy another witty (lame t-shirt ready) graphic, and perhaps a glimpse at a social phenomenon gaining traction in the US.

Of course, 90% of young people smoke pot, it's just a fact. In the faltering rust-belt it's practically impossible to find students whose tolerance for THC is anything below that of West Coast stoners. The simple fact that the majority of transactions and consumption happen indoors during the 9 months of frigid and snow covered winters in the northeast may shield those who partake both from public view, as well as each others eyes.

So I say, come out into the sunshine! If I pulled together all the disparate groups I've partaken with in the past two weeks I'd have enough votes to swing an election. So maybe a "coming-out' party is in order... on a very public stage.

Think about it, and while you think - read these articles that smell sweetly of a change in the air:

As always, enjoy life, live free, and use these graphics wherever you'd like, as long as you don't feed the corporate machine.

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