Tuesday, September 4

Just a quick announcement: Chad Fox Controls My Brain

Just a little FYI -ForYourInformation... Chad Fox has really made a big impression on me. Maybe Chad Fox will make an impression on you. Here's his blog. Which totally details some crazy experience... wisdom actually. I'd say. Chad's like a zen school teacher at points. Other times he's like that slutty friend you live vicariously through because their stories are so descriptive. I can't really say why I'm writing this, or thinking this, or doing anything that I'm doing right now. I think I was looking for some sign that the world was interested in my input. The past month has convinced me that there's more to life than the rat race. There's more to dream about than materialism and fairy tales. And there are good people, doing good things.... and bad things..... and very dirty, dirty things..... And that all those things are happening for a reason. I need to make things happen. I'm capable of making things happen. Jesus H. Chocolate... this is going to be hard.

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DanNation said...

Wow - the photographer rocks!