Tuesday, August 28

Back in CLE

Back to the reality check that is Cleveland. I rolled into town yesterday morning after a cross-country trek that took my sister, my radio show co-host and myself on a whirlwind tour of southern highways and biways. Never got lost once, although I think the little satellite jobby named Tomtom helped with that. I'm not one of those gays who can't read a map though - so we would have been fine even without space-rays guiding our vehicle. I'll have more on the trip in my next post... including a Cleveland VS. San Francisco beat-down, my 'Changed-Man' post, about how I'm going to make my way out to SF, and more.

Tune in to read about my quitting smoking adventure, the first step towards California living. All this and more will be yours when you check back - here at Meat, Inc.

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