Monday, September 17

What Would Jesus Drink?

During a Photoshop tutorial this morning, had to show my podcast co-host how to swap images into and out of photos with the program. She's in college and getting some intro to photoshop instruction, but it seems like I'm doing all of the work for her... poorly... hmmm.

This image we created made me think though - if Jesus were hangin' out in 2007 what would he drink? There's obviously no shortage of alcohol these days, so he could get himself out of the "wine from water" business. He would obviously like something smooth, but with a conscience.

I did a very small amount of internet searching and found a couple links to environmentally friendly breweries. If you know of anybody doing cool things with their winery, brewery or distillery (or maybe tinkering in their basement) send me a comment. I wouldn't mind drinking the same thing as the modern-day Jesus.

New Belgium green brewery... article about green brewing...

Oh... and this post totally shouldn't imply that I'm religious... Just steeped in the Judeo-Christian tradition like most Americans... it rubs off on you like The Clap.

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