Thursday, September 20

Time is everything...

We are all just spending our time trying to save every last bit of it, all our generations past and present toiled to pass along the knowledge needed to sustain life - from the accumulated capital, the stores of knowledge inside books, down to the ancient hieroglyphics of the first civilizations we have found... time remains locked inside the bits of the past that surround us... and we can spend our days being miserable at the time we've wasted in not sustaining life, enjoying the living, breathing world around us. A child's simplicity is the time to incultate this knowledge, lest our will be sacrificed to those of another - this is why civilizations emerge, form bands of like-minded people building glorious structures towards maintaining and promoting life - the human struggle of evolution is merely the knowledge of millenniums of prior organization schemes failing to find a self-reproducing scheme for time... a scheme which may seem simple if you believe that time comes only from the physical representation of life. The law of entropy will eventually engulf all forms of organization - including that of our earth. The final vestiges of ancient knowledge have been rested from the hands of our physical bodies by our tormented spiritual worlds, our inner stores of knowledge, on a cellular level, commanded by our minds but directing the mass of cells which comprise our being to seek ever more complex solutions for extending time into infinity. This is the spiritual dream so many of us feel in our hearts, the journey so many of us seek to attain, the power so few of us grasp at would mean commanding the cells of many other complex organisms to sustain in perpetuity time and it's entrancing effects. Complex organization is the name of the game, it is why natural law exists, it explains the how of the why... and the why itself is time. I finally know what that old man was telling me so many, many years ago... when I was so desperate for anything human - any connection real - to find that merely enjoying my time until the end of this existence is the key to happiness, success - well, money is our developed source of time and represents the stored labour of ourselves and others - being pressed into service for use now. It is how time-based beings, who understand that our continued existence is merely the ever-aching grasp towards perpetuity of form, build and maintian the structures around us meant to sustain future generations long enough to figure out how to supply them the knowledge of everything without the knowledge to destroy it all. That is why the ancient records appear - the knolwedge lost until generations upon generations can see the simple truths - that time is for saving, time is for cherishing, time is for loving and moving endlessly forward, for without it we die, civilizations that feed on energy of a thousand generations of day and night find in the end, before it is all too late, that this is time - that the dying of our star, the entropy of our life giving force, is bound to reset everything to repeat again until a self-reinforcing system of organization, an endless time, the essence of conciousness, can be maintained... this is what the wars over resources and knowledge and the structures we leave behind mean... they are our glorious song to the wonders of time, our shared misery at having wasted it, our shared fear of never knowing it... the torment of memory and the utter bliss of the endless possibilities left to us to experiment, to find the simple combination that makes complex organization as utterly far advanced as any living thing, the essence of what we all know we must cherish, towards time. Thus we experience the aging of our solar system like the aging of our populations, steered towards the possible means of understanding this great, simple, wisdom - but never able to acheive it. The Folly and Beauty of Man.

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