Thursday, July 5

the Redundancy Movement

Finished... Done... In one short week I've blown through every single Hitchhiker's Guide story. The culmination of years of work by one charmingly witty Brit has passed through my brain. I never understood the whole concept back when I originally read the first in the series (I was maybe... 11 at the time). But now, with years of cynicism and knowledge under my belt, Galactic Understanding is mine.

And it tells me this: Everyone is, inherently, an asshole. So I should approach those whom I don't already have a good grasp on with the same caution I'd use facing a rabid Black Bear wrapped in explosives and muttering something about abortion clinics. Of course, I've never been one for caution - and assholes are important,,, I mean - how would we get rid of all our shit without 'em? So my initial lesson learned needs to be applied in a different way.

That's why I propose the REDUNDANCY movement. It's tenets, which came to me in a dream as I was driving in the countryside yesterday, are these;

1. In accordance with the second law of thermodynamics - everything will turn to shit anyhow.

B. The fact that everyone is, inherently, an asshole.

And C. Whatever you will do, have done, or have never considered doing, will be canceled out by someone not doing, doing better or being on the opposite side of the planet from you.

This is truly a call to apathy. From apathy arises... nothing. And nothing is something that's been known to move mountains (figuratively speaking, you know). Of course, people will wonder how the REDUNDANCY movement will ever make it's mark. Perhaps we'll be that final, unavoidable brown stain on the tight conservative briefs of America. The marked path to a turbulent washing-machine of revolution (not THE washing-machine revolution, which is another group entirely). The mark that shows how deeply this nation has fallen from it's roots of freedom into the hands of a rabid and heartless consumer drive.


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Anonymous said...

Our mythical "roots of freedom" dig deep into soil fertilized by occupation, colonization, genocide, slavery and imperialism but -- reality aside -- I like this post. No, I love this post.

I needed it today...big time...

I live in a town that is (seemingly) literally comprised of nothing but generically popular kids from high school. Yeah, I know, hell on earth: literally!

Talk about assholes...

It's like facing a sea of butt cheeks day in, day out. We speak but there is literally no communication. Zero. Zip. None whatsoever.

It's all about playing the game. Going along to get along. A consumer fetish party times infinity. Everything -- much too much of everything -- nice, new and shiny. Well manicured bullshit inside and out.

Veneers and facades obscuring clueless atrocities.

I want to plant myself in the middle of the nearest intersection (the corner of hubris street and obnoxious avenue), douse myself with peak-oil gasoline, and light myself on fire.

I want to throw endless tantrums in the asphalt zoo, taunting the auto-animals on display.

Driven mad by the surrounding insanity of impenetrable normalcy.

I want to connect with one...just "radical"-primate-soul before I die alone in my arms.

That's my redundant pipe dream.