Friday, January 8

Explaining Rick Warren and Uganda... A Brief Introduction

This recent article in the New York Times prompted some questions from a friend of mine... here's the best explanation I could come up with.

Ben: "WTF is that article all about?"

Me: "It goes like this... Rick Warren and a bunch of his evangelical thugs from questionably non-profit mega-churches around the US have spent the money they earn suckering braindead christians to travel the African continent spreading their message of fear and hate. After telling the world that "Uganda would be the first Purpose-Driven Nation" (named after his string of obnoxious and patronizing tomes) Rick Warren's crusaders embarked on a radical propaganda campaign aimed at instituting a christian theocracy throughout the continent. After years of public speeches that demonize any divergence from the binary sex divisions that western theology is so enamored with as work of the devil, it should come as no surprise that the corrupt ruling elite in several nations began instituting laws straight out of the dark ages. Uganda is the most strident in it's application - nominating several bills to parliament that include criminalization of homosexual acts, mandatory death sentences for AIDS patients and other abhorrent legal prescriptions. In many other nations on the continent there has been a revival of 'witch burnings', which essentially amount to torturing and burning alive any outcasts (or anyone unlucky enough to have suspicion turn their way) when negative events occur. The continent is also suffering under the yoke of religious condemnation of condoms, family planning and higher education... leading to ever more suffering, cheered along by fascists like Rick Warren and his money grubbing brethren. It often makes me wonder who people like him are really working for, and it definitely shines a light on who I should be working against..."

Anyone else think they can explain it better??

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