Tuesday, November 20

Reality Check Text Message Counselling Services

Here at Meat, Inc. it's important to check your bad attitude at the door. Life's too short and you're a bitch ass for complaining. So let's get down with a text message counselling services offered as one of our many complimentary services.

Client:"I was on FIAH last night. Getting cruised left and right, and finally bagged a hot choreographer boy I've been lusting over for two years. Go motherfucking me."

Meat, Inc.:"Hell yea. Sounds like my kinda party night. I just got sucked off at the house of pash. I could use some nerdy boys with 9inch kacks."

Client:"Did you get some hot Mark mouth?"

Meat, Inc.:"Sick. No. Security guard from University Hts."

Client:"You are such a WHORE. where does he guard?"

Meat, Inc.:"The Jewish Community Center"

Client:"Oh good lord, was he black?"

Meat, Inc.:"White as the driven snow. From Ashtabula no less."

Client:"I can't have sex like that anymore"

Meat, Inc.:"With white people? Geeez man. I know they say 'you never go back'... but it's just a figure of speech."

Client:"No, the HIV talk is too much for the average young gay guy so I don't have anonymous sex w/cute boys like that anymore. BTW the choreographer is white from SD"

Meat, Inc.:"Nice. It's not like I'm going around barebacking the city of Cleveland. I'm not checking people's papers either, what's a hooker to do?"

Client:"Didn't mean it like that. Most guys can't handle the HIV even being safe. So I don't even try anymore. That's all, nothing to do with you ;-)"

Meat, Inc.:"Oh. Serosorting? U just don't practice safer sex?"

Client:"I serosort because I usually get rejected if I don't. And it's easier just to beat off anyway. Zero bullshit."

Meat, Inc.:"True that. I can see that issue being a factor for anyone. It would definitely slow down sluttitude. I'm feeling randy, but also like settling down. Whormonal."

Client:"Yea, I'd try to date this guy Scott but it'd end in disaster stemming from his self-loathing. So I'll just be a load sponge and munch on his gorgeous ass."

Meat, Inc.:"Macaroni."

Client:"I've abandoned all future love prospects (in exchage) for self-enforced singledom. Nobody gets close anymore"

Meat, Inc.:"Ugh. You sound like you're wearing bad eye liner right now. But I know the feeling - Keep whats mine for me type thing."

Client:"LOL... no eyeliner, but my heart's been broken way too many times. Love isn't an option anymore. My heart is protected by a fortress now. Nobody gets in. Period."

Client:"And I have to remind myself of that when someone shows interest in me."

Meat, Inc.:"Yea. That works in some ways. But at least you still have to remind yourself of that. There's other ways to love people anyhow."

Client:"It's self-preservation, as unhappy as it sometimes makes me in the short-term. It's worth it though."

Client:"I show love in other ways. Usually through compassion and companionship. But as soon as someone tries to break into my fortress... they're kicked away"

Client:"Makes my mom sad though. She still has hope, even if I've abandoned it. Yikes! Downer!"

Meat, Inc.:"Yea. That can leave a path of devastation in your wake. I can see where the "Don't shit where you eat" doctrine comes in handy"

Client:"Oh yes... It's sage advice"

Client:"At any rate I'm glad you have fun with the Ashtabula Jew guard :-) I beat off last night and that's my Monday highlight. LOL"

Meat, Inc.:"I thought there was a dancer in there somewhere?"

Client:"ever listen to KFOG online? Such a cool station"

Client:"No... he got pushed away. I didn't feel like having sex last night."

Client:"Besides I didn't want to think about being poz for awhile. Not feeling like a biohazard was more important than ejaculating."

Meat, Inc.:"Yea. Geeez. I wish I was out there to allay your emotude."

Client:"Wish u were here too. It's really foggy and dreary... my favorite. No shadows anywhere. Very etherial."

Meat, Inc.:"Oh. You are really in need of some lovin'"

Client:"Self-love is what I get these days."

Meat, Inc.:"Yea. The only problem with doing things by yourself is that you're alone."

Client:"Besides this Scott kat has a ripped bod, a 10" cock, and a rock hard muscle ass. I'd be hyper aware of my titties and tummy which would make me funky & loathy."

Meat, Inc.:"On trust me. You sound loathy enough already."

Client:"And wonder why the hell he's showing interest in me... it makes no sense and is illogical. Oh I love myself just fine... I'm just realistic about who I am."

Meat, Inc.:"That's another problem with doin' your own thing. You cant see from any other perspective than your own."

Client:"Besides I've been a loner since I went to elementary school. Most people irritated me back then. The fog is making me funky I think."

Client:"How is that a problem?"

Meat, Inc.:"Uh.. You can't see the big picture. You believe things to be true instead of proving them to be."

Client:"How so? I understand what you're saying, just not how that would apply here. Explain."

Meat, Inc.:"People wanna buy what you're sellin. You're a hit with the gays. But the fact that you only offer a limited preview seems almost selfish."

Client:"It's not that I loathe myself, I don't. I'm just realistic about who and what I am and don't put on airs indicating otherwise."

Client:"I don't sell it, I give it away :-)"

Client:"thanks for the talk/reality check"

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